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I am a designer who is interested in many aspects of the Textile Industry. My work emphasises all the textures and surfaces that can be created through embroidery and knit. Installation art, textile art, 'one off' interior products, hybrid furniture and product design are areas I am most interested in. I like to up cycle, change, re-invent and re produce found unstable objects.


My visual inspiration begins with photography. I look to natural environments, which hold a range of elements, such as pattern, texture, structure, shape and surface.


I respond to these surfaces and patterns using a range of mark making and begin to draw and recreate the marks and textures, using a range of mediums, techniques, processes and surfaces. I prefer to work in monochrome and eliminate colour to narrow my focus on pattern, texture, surface etc. 


I also take inspiration from found family history and discarded treasures. I like to collect objects that have had a past life and recycle them to something new and original, juxtaposing the worn, dirty surfaces and setting them in modern interior spaces. Knitting, multihead embroidery and digital print are three main processes I incorporate into my work.

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